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/Interested in learning more about a wide array of 2D and 3D arts? . . . Then take an art class at the McCann School! Courses are constantly being scheduled and added, so keep checking back or sign up for our e-mail newsletter to get all the latest offerings. 

– Applied Art Theory – Learn the basics about art, composition, and color theory, then apply them to drawing, painting, or collage work. Workshops and courses vary in length. Next scheduled: TBD

– Adult Art Series – Explore various art media – including sketching, drawing, painting, photography, pastel, etc. – in three-hour workshops with various instructors. Learn the basics of 2D arts to build your creativity and skills. For beginners. Next scheduled: TBD.

– Art/Wine – Enjoy our combination art and wine class! Take a fun and informational art class as you sip wine, munch refreshments, learn about new and different art techniques, and create the night away. Classes will be taught by a variety of instructors and will be on Thursdays throughout the months, though days and dates may change. Next scheduled: August 2o16 

-Beyond Basics: Wheel Pottery 2 – Do you have some wheel experience? Looking to move beyond cups and bowls? Then Wheel Pottery 2 is for you. In this class the demos and instructions are geared toward individual projects and curiosities. Larger pots, pitchers, plates, sets, and even teapots can all be explored. “So what do you want to make today?”

Mondays & Wednesdays 2 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Four week class, 2 day’s a week.   Instructor: Randy Doughty

Next Scheduled:   Starts 8/21/2017 to 9/13/2017

– Comic Drawing/Illustration –  Do you have a passion for comic books and graphic novels? Do you love superheros and stories? – Then join our Comic Creation class to learn about drawing and creating your own comic books using a variety of techniques and practices. In this class, students will create characters, panels, and pages in different styles and learn about comic layout and construction, character creation, and development. A variety of media will be used, including pens, pencils, markers, and watercolors. Bring a sketchbook if you have one and some personal inspiration, and all other supplies will be included. For students 12-18 years old. Next scheduled: TBD

– Elementary School Studio (ages 6-10) – Each studio class session is one week long and meets for full days or half days in either the morning or the afternoon. Students will work with a variety of materials including drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. This class is for students ages 6-1o. Next scheduled: Summer 2017, July 24 – 28, 2017

– Open Pottery Class – Interested in Pottery? Want to better your skills or Just be able to throw or hand build? Take our unique class that allows you to create amazing pieces of pottery. Weather your experienced or a beginner, Our Instructor Randy Doughty will be here to help you create your own masterpiece. Next scheduled:  Starting November 20 2017 – Dec 13 2017 Mondays and Wednesdays From 6 P.M to 8:30 P.M

– Intro to Wheel Pottery – Have you ever wanted to give the potters’ wheel a try? Did you try some time ago, and interested in doing more? Then join us for our Intro to Wheel Thrown Pottery class. Here we explore the fundamentals of making pottery using the potters’ wheel. Wedging, centering, throwing/shaping, trimming, handles, and glazing will all be covered as we turn lumps of clay into finished pieces.  Instructor : Randy Doughty

Mondays & Wednesdays from 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  Four week class, 2 day’s a week.    Instructor: Randy Doughty

Next Scheduled:  Starts Mon 8/23/2017 – Ends 9/13/2017

– Jewelry –  Learn the basics of how to make and form your own jewelry. Personalize what you wear and what statement it makes! Next scheduled: TBD

– Mixed Media Arts –  Interested in learning more about both 2D and 3D arts? – drawing, painting, sculpture? Join us for an interesting and innovative mixed media arts class. Through a series of studio assignments, students will learn to generate creative ideas, explore materials and techniques, and develop artworks that communicate their ideas using both traditional and experimental methods. Students will begin with drawing and painting basics, moving from two-dimensional to three-dimensional pieces by using all manner of materials to expand and grow artwork off the canvas. Emphasis will be placed on understanding color theory, linear perspective, pictorial composition, figure/ground relationships, visual perception, spatial concepts, and critical thinking skills. Next scheduled: currently in session; next class TBD

– Middle School Studio (ages 11-13) – The Middle School Studio program provides fine art classes for dedicated students ages 11-13. Each session is two weeks long. This program introduces students to the basic skills involved with drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. It is designed to provide an artistic outlet for students interested in exploring the visual arts. Students will be introduced to developing a sketchbook and creating an artist statement, which is one of the most predominant ways for artists to discuss their work. Guided group and individual critiques will help students to strengthen not only their work, but also their way of working through artistic problems.  All Middle School and High School students will be working together during their classes Next scheduled: Summer 2017, July 17 – July 28, 2017

– Painting – Whether you are picking up a brush for the first time or are excited to reinvigorate a current hobby, join one of our painting workshops or classes. Students will use and learn different painting techniques No previous experience required. Next scheduled: TBD

– Photography – Interested in learning more about photography and the process of visual storytelling?  – join this focused eight-week course in the expansive elements of digital photography. During classes, students will brush up on the basics of making quality photos (refreshing topics such as aperture, shutter speed, light and shadow, composition, color theory, contrast, etc.); shoot various subjects including portraits, landscapes, and photo essays; familiarize themselves with computer editing software; discuss “slow” and contemporary photography; and participate in class sharing and critiques.

If you want to learn more about photography or aim to create better images, this class is for you. Next scheduled: Currently in session; next class Fall 2016

– Plein Air Painting – Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of the McCann school grounds to capture the light, warmth, and color of late spring in pencil, ink, watercolor, and gouache. All sessions will include warm-ups, technical instruction, examples from art history, and instructor demonstrations. We will work outdoors whenever possible! All materials are included. No previous experience required. Next scheduled: TBD

– Senior High Studio (ages 14-18) – Senior High School students have the opportunity to participate in a multi-sensory learning environment with this course. This two-week, introductory experience into the creative process allows students to explore individual talents, insight, and sensitivity within their chosen studio while improving portfolio development in the way in which art is made. Objectives are designed to improve artistic skills and knowledge of media and encompass a broad general education and appreciation of the arts. An interdisciplinary dialogue will be fostered between the invited faculty and within the various studios of: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics. Students will explore nature and the earth elements in relation to art’s basic components, learn essential elements and principles of design, as well as expand their imagination and personal expression. All Middle School and High School students will be working together during their classes  Next scheduled: Summer 2017, July 17 – 28, 2017

– Sculpture – Think big in this 3D class that introduces the techniques and types of sculpture. No previous experience required. Next scheduled: TBD

– Stained Glass – Create beautiful pieces and suncatchers to hang at home and add some color to your life. No previous experience required. Next scheduled: Coming soon!

– Watercolors – Explore the main tenets of watercolor painting in this comprehensive, workshop-type class and/or series of classes. No previous experience required. Next scheduled: TBD

– Workshops – Explore all manner of different media in our constantly changing workshops! Classes are usually 1-3 hours with noted local artists. No experience required. Stay tuned for all our workshop offerings.

E-mail us at or call us at 814.667.2538 with any suggestions or classes you’d like to see offered at McCann!

Please keep checking back as we add more classes. We are finding instructors and scheduling now!