Meditation by Manifesting Infinite Possibilities through Human Design

The next meditation will assist you in understanding the production process. We will start by going into the kingdom of inner silence. Take some time to walk through this door by soothing your inner mind. Let go the worries of the day. Pay attention to you breathing as you enter a state of comfort. Construct an attitude of gratitude by paying attention to the blessings in your life.

Human Design Generator

You have now entered the realm of silence. This is a place of nothing and no time. All around you are swirls of energy, each with the capacity to become anything you desire. This is the location of infinite possibilities. With your apparent intention, you can put into motion the items of your desire.

We in the angelic lands are experts in pulling this energy in the ethers and projecting them into shape, including that which you call time and space

These experiences and many others are the result of our ability to manipulate the energy fields to help make your reality. You too have the capability to do this. Most of you have forgotten how to do so, on account of the condition of amnesia which was demanded for you upon entering this incarnation.

But times have changed and the veils between the scene and the hidden world’s generator human design are getting to be thinner. Many kids today are coming with the memory of the prior Existence in the soul realm. These kids have amazing abilities. Some are extremely intuitive and psychic while some have incredible knowledge associated with such things as computers, art and music.

Many can see spirits on the other side, many are telepathic. If these skills are nurtured, these kids will have the ability to attain their full potential at very early ages. The ground is no-win crisis. All the manmade Structures regarding government and faith are on the edge of collapse. The restructuring process can be carried out gracefully or torn apart rapidly then rebuilt; the decision is up to the people.

It may be more accurate to say that most of what I heard was not new to me, but presented in a new light, one which makes sense and speaks to my spirit. As a new system to get self-understanding, it requires a while to absorb the layers of traits introduced from the facilities, 36 stations, and 64 gates which comprise the life chart. However, for me, it was zone moment: classic and completely absorbing

There are many people who walk among you with the ability to restructure using a state of grace. They have incredible knowledge of the internal workings of the production procedure.