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Painting of trees

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Class One: July 17 – 21, 2017
Class Two: July 24 – 28, 2017

$400.00 per class. Each class is 2 weeks long.

9AM to 4PM, Monday – Friday
Grades: 9 – 12

Senior High school students (Grades 9 -12) have the opportunity to participate in a multi-sensory learning environment. This two-week, introductory experience into the creative process allows students to explore individual talents, insight and sensitivity within their chosen studio while improving portfolio development, in the way in which art is made. Objectives are designed to improve artistic skills and knowledge of media, encompass a broad general education and appreciation of the arts. An interdisciplinary dialogue will be fostered between the invited faculty and within the various studios of: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics. Students will explore nature and the earth elements in relation to art’s basic components, essential elements and principles of design, as infused with imagination and personal expression.

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